The Wish


"The Wish® is the transformational 'energy’ game created by Louise Laffey. 

It's helping thousands of people around the world to manifest their greatest wishes for financial freedom, true love, their dream job, life purpose, health and wellbeing, peace and happiness.

The secret to The Wish’s success is the game’s unique ability to help you identify and clear the blocks standing in the way of your wishes and to shift you into the positive energy flow of thoughts and feelings aligned with your wish coming true. In essence, players learn how to turn their wish 'ideas' into real life experiences. 

Habitual patterns of behaviour and thinking can act to limit a person’s perception of their reality. The game works to ‘break’ the nexus between a person’s default brain patterning response and their emotional memory so they can quickly and easily develop new neural pathways."


Robyn Vitacca has trained with Louise Laffey in person and is excited to offer this amazing game to anyone who is ready to step forward and embrace their dreams.




One on one private Wish Game 60 min                                                      $110.00


Two participants 60 min/ 120 min                                                                $ 55.00 / $110.00 each


Four participants 120min                                                                               $ 55.00 each